Featured SWTOR Bejeweled WIP
Our team is working full throttle on a Bejeweled like game with a SWTOR theme. Our goal is to encourage players around the world to enjoy this as a minigame and relax during some breaks from conquering the galaxy. Also the casual players should become aware of the Star Wars universe, which stimulated the imagination of so many people and generations already.
Featured Announcing KOTOR III project
Our team is announcing the KOTOR III project. This project is intended as a full scale game in the KOTOR universe, and it should complement and complete the story line from KOTOR I and II.

Featuring a young Jedi Padawan, the story takes place 20 years after the story of KOTOR I, click here for more details. The game is based on the UDK engine from Epic.
Featured Announcing Gods With Guns project
Our team is announcing the God With Guns project. This project is based on the work of the writer R. Zelazny and it will take place in time, the story will start in an atemporal castle and it will continue over different eras, like America's Civil War, European Roman Empire, Year 2050, etc, it's up to you if you want to forgive of punish the people who betrayed you. The game is an RPG like Dragon Age.
Featured Announcing Redshifted project
Our team is announcing the Redshifted project. Influenced by cyberpunk genre and the Fallout universe, this game is based on the UDK engine, and features cool monsters and amazing biotic powers.